Digital whiteboard or shared virtual workspace?

Digital whiteboard or shared virtual workspace?

Working with shared digital whiteboards is a great use case for large touchscreens and helps people being more creative and effective in remote meetings.

While a digital whiteboard is optimal for the process of idea creation or for quick meeting notes, experienced people are asking to do more. They don’t  just want a shared whiteboard but a shared virutal workspace for working on projects, processes and more.

When it comes to business process, work on PDFs, videos or connect sticky notes to visualize processes, existing whiteboard solutions are often not enough.


If companies want to make the next steps and go beyond the use cases of a classical digital whiteboard, CollaBoard is a good option to start transforming traditional ways of working.


CollaBoard is optimized for large touchscreens and for real-time collaboration using multi-touch and stylus inputs.

If you are interested to increase the usage of Surface Hub 1 or other large touchscreens for one of the following scenarios, you should give CollaBoard a try:

Shared virtual workspace scenarios

  • Creativity sessions (mindmaps and brainstorming)
  • Modern remote meetings
  • Digital workshops
  • Dynamic presentations
  • Digitization of agile methods
  • Development of new workflows
  • Project planning
  • Discussing design drawings