New CollaBoard release

New CollaBoard release

This week we released a new improved version of CollaBoard. Thanks to all the feedback from our customers we were able to make CollaBoard even better and more usable.  

In the new release we implemented the following improvements:  

1.Improved start of a new project

2.Integrated video tutorials

3.Enhanced zooming feature

4.More user friendly Quick Access Toolbar

5.Background color for projects

6.Improved Mini Map

7.Faster refresh of projects

8.Invite someone by E-Mail and export your CollaBoard project


1.Improved start of a new project

Now, when you start CollaBoard, a new project is created automatically. Thereby, people can start working immediately. On any team device (large touchscreen bigger than 40’’) you can use “team mode”, where no login credentials are needed. This is made for modern collaboration spaces, where teams are working together.  

When you start CollaBoard on a personal device (screen smaller than 40’’) there is a login needed. The biggest advantage of personal mode is that your own projects as well as joined projects are saved to the account. With this improvement people can start working together even faster and it is simpler than ever before.  

You can enable or disable this feature in settings:


2.Integrated Video Tutorials

To make it easier for new users to start working with CollaBoard we implemented some nice video tutorials. As soon as you launch the app, they appear on the screen (can be disabled afterwards) and you can browse what you need help for.  

In the start screen tutorials, we explain the most important steps for your first projects. Further video tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel 


3.Enhanced zooming feature

Zooming with your fingers feels very natural on a device with touchscreen. For all the people using CollaBoard on a non-touch device, we added two new features to make zooming easier: 

  • First, we added a zoom slider to the bottom of the canvas. Thereby, the zoom level can easily be changed with the mouse.
  • Second, the zoom level is shown as a number in the background. Every time you zoom in or out, a percentage number is displayed in the middle of your screen.


4. More user frindly Quick Access Toolbar

Easy, user-friendly, quick access toolbar. From day one, the quick access toolbar has been our favorite tool, as it is extremely handy for the most important use cases. With the new CollaBoard version, we also updated it and implemented some new features. The new quick access toolbar contains the following improvements: 

Re-organization of icons: More than 1’000’000 sticky notes have been created and thousands of kilometers of digital ink were drawn in CollaBoard so far. Therefore, we brought the sticky note and ink features to the top of the quick access toolbar. 

Info feature: The project info, which you can share with other people to give them access to a project, is now easily accessible in the quick access toolbar.  

Close project feature: Same as the info feature, the close project button has also found its way into the quick access toolbar. Therewith, a project can be closed within seconds simply using the new button. 

Ink color variation: The ink color menu has consisted of four basic colors so far. Only in the radial menu, more colors were available. Now, we can click on one of the basic colors in the quick access toolbar to open the submenu and easily access the whole color range.  


5. Background color for projects

Until now, the background color in CollaBoard depended on the device and user. Since aesthetically and readability-wise the background color makes a huge difference, we improved this feature as well.  

Now, this information is saved to the project, so all users working together in one project have the same background color from the beginning.  


6. Improved Mini Map

The mini map in CollaBoard has been implemented earlier to keep you oriented on large screens. Now, we improved its visibility and size to make it even more of a helping tool. On smaller screens the mini map adapts to the screen size to provide more space to work.  


7. Faster refresh of projects

In CollaBoard, multiple people can work on the same project remotely. If your internet connecting is not 100% stable it can happen that not all people are receiving this information immediately.  

Gladly, none of the content is lost, we just need to refresh the project. With the latest CollaBoard version people have a refresh button in the upper part of the canvas to always stay synced with their partners.  


8. Invite someone by E-Mail and export to your CollaBoard project

One of our main goals is to make remote collaboration easier and more accessible. That’s why it needs to be as simple as possible for others to join a CollaBoard project and start working digitally in the team. Consequently, we added the new feature, “Invite someone” to your project. Never has it been easier to bring your team together in your digital collaboration space. 


Thanks to your feedback we are able to keep improving CollaBoard according to your wishes and needs. Download CollaBoard now to try out the latest version, get creative with your team and maybe your feature request will be implemented next.