DELL Conference Room Monitor with CollaBoard

Almost two years ago I tested an 86’’ DELL touchscreen in a small meeting room at a company in Vevey (Switzerland). Already at this time, I was convinced that the touch and ink experience on this device, powered by Windows 10, is one of the best on the market for such a good price.

Our new collaborative display from DELL at IBV

A few weeks ago, we got a DELL screen for testing purposes. It is a 55 inch 4K touch monitor (Model C5518QT) with two passive pens and a Dell  PC(OptiPlex Micro)  We mounted the device on an Ergotron Neo-Flex Mobile MediaCenter in our meeting room. The stand allows to flip the device (like the Samsung flip) and use it in portrait mode. Dell recommends the display to be used in landscape. As it comes on wheels, we can move around the device easily.

Left: DELL Conferencing Monitor, right: Surface Hub, Software:CollaBoard


Ink and touch experience

The InGlass touch technology is very precise and two people can work on the screen at the same time. Working with the touchscreen functions well and the ink experience feels natural. There is almost no latency when inking.

The screen recognizes 20 touchpoints and it comes with two simple pens that can be attached by magnet to the screen.

The DELL screen is placed next to our Surface Hub. Of course, we tried the Surface Hub pen on the DELL screen and it was an even nicer writing experience than the two passive pens that come with the large monitor.


There is a very cool gesture to delete ink. Rubbing with the palm on the screen deletes ink.

CollaBoard DELL Screen Delete Ink with palm
CollaBoard DELL Screen Delete Ink with palm

Working with the screen feels like working on a very large Windows 10 tablet. There is the normal Windows 10 version installed on the PC module and any software can be used on the device.


Modern meetings and collaboration

To turn this device into a real collaboration booster for our modern meetings, we want to use video and audio conferencing and some collaboration tools. As no camera is integrated in the screen, we can choose a camera that fits our purpose exactly.

We use the Microsoft Whiteboard, CollaBoard, Skype 4 Business and Microsoft Teams to collaborate online and engage with people in the home office in a modern way.


Use cases for large touchscreen in modern meeting rooms?

There are a lot of interesting use cases for the DELL conferencing monitors, since you can place a Dell OptiPlex Micro inside the chassis.

Here you see how we are using the company overview template in CollaBoard, a very innovative tool for managers. The different colors represent the departments in the company, like marketing, sales, IT, etc. This way managers or CEOs can easily have an overview on current projects. Follow us to get some more updates what to do with a DELL conferencing monitor.